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Here are IGA we match businesses & influcencers

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Here at IGA UK we work with some fantastic small businesses and Instagram Influencers to help raise brand awareness.

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Are you an Instagram account with a minimum of 1000 followers?
Are most of your followers UK based?
Are you passionate about helping small businesses?
Would you like to receive free products in return for reviewing & styling on your Instagram grids and stories?
Would you be interested in longer term partnerships with brands for payment?
If you can honestly answer yes to the above then sign up to be part of our Influencer team.

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How it works


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Within a few days of recieving your application a member of our team will contact you requesting a copy of your Instagram insights and audience demographics.This is just for our records so we can match our clients with the most suitable Influcencers.

Applying to take part in campaigns

We will email you when there is a suitable campaign for you to apply for. Our influencers will never be asked to part with any money to be members. This is a free service to you. Not all campaigns will be suitable to you and sometimes we can have a very high application rate. If you are not successful on one campiagn then please continue to apply. Different company campaigns suit different accounts.

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